Its Christmas time again with bells and stars, gifts and smiles around! It is the time of the year, which is most awaited by most of us. Christmas is time of joy and sharing for Christ is the reason of this season.

And there was nothing more beautiful and precious than the smiles on all faces of children at Peniel Children Home. We, along with the children at the home could spend days in celebration, decoration, fun and laughter. It is for sure that these children will never forget this Christmas season at children home. 

Their sweet melodies of carol songs resounded the Christmas air in six different languages and danced till stomach out. These little ones are blessed with so much of talents within, and there was a day to put up their talents before the villagers, who were mostly non Christians and share the gospel through dance, drama and songs. Not only that but also, it was a time for the children to learn the true meaning of sharing by serving others delicious food, sweets, cakes and celebrating the joy of season. 

It was also accompanied by prayer and devotion for the children at the home and meditating Scripture portion about the birth of Christ. The message of salvation and the true meaning of Christmas was explained to the children, that a Christmas is not Christmas if it does not last forever in our hearts!

Indeed as quoted in American Magazine, vol. 28(1889):

"To give up one's very self — to think only of others — how to bring the greatest happiness to others — that is the true meaning of Christmas” the children at Peniel Children Home, could bring out the true meaning of Christmas this year!

By Jemy.

Missionary Sachin Sen has been serving with Peniel Gospel Team for the last twenty years. He has dedicated in reaching the areas of north east regions of West Bengal. He is currently serving in the Malbazar region of West Bengal. He is currently reaching four villages and working mostly among the Adivasi, Nepali and Bengali people groups. 

Sachin and his wife are full time missionaries and they have two beautiful children. 

Sachin has planted one permanent church with seventy members and has been currently in the process of planting three more new churches in different villages. These village are twenty five kilometers or more further apart. Sachin's hearts desire to hand over the permanent church to a full time Pastor and move on to the areas permanently where he is in the process of planting the churches. 

On the 24th of November 2012, Sachin conducted a baptism service in the permanent church and we (Rev. Mammen Joseph and family) were able to join him for this service. It was a beautiful service and we were blessed to be a part of this service. 

We had worship and I had the privilege to talk to the new believers who were preparing themselves for baptism. I encouraged them from the word of God. Lord has been gracious to me for He has choose me among so many that He could have to attend to His calling in the northeast region of India. As I sit among my brothers and sisters in Christ I thanked God for this great privilege He has allowed in my life.
As we finished our worship at the church we started our walk towards the nearest river with all our brothers and sisters through the paddy fields. 
Finally we reached the river and we had thirty nine brothers and sisters ready to receive baptism. The sisters had already formed a line by the time I had reached there and they were ready to be baptized.
Many young people accepting Christ and it is such joy in my life to see the next generation come to know the true and living God. 

There is one this that come to my mind when I return home from the mission field after attending such powerful meetings - the field is ripe but there are very few for the harvest. Please pray with us that God will enable Peniel Gospel Team in the coming days to enable many like Sachin to work and serve in the field.

Please pray with us for India.